Jérémie Samson


About Me

Symfony expert, creator of the European project BuddySystem, Bitcoin convinced, Junior solidity developer, I use to create private world of warcraft server when I was younger, now partly digital nomad, working remotly half my time and enjoying my time in Lille the other half.

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Symfony expert & Solidity developer.

Symfony and me it's been since 2014 that we know each other and like a good friendship it keeps improving over time. Solidity came with my switch between my employee and my freelance life, I was already in love with Bitcoin and the Web3 and very curious about how things worked.

  • Age: 33
  • Degree: Master
  • Email: jeremie.samson@symfolidity.com
  • Freelance: Not Available until January 2024


In my life I did many web related things, but I truly believe nowadays soft skills are very important.

Happy Clients

Symfony Projects which I worked on

Solidity Certification

Years in crypto


I am not a tech lead or a dev lead, more like a team leader. I don't know everything about architecture and design patterns but I'm really good at managing a team to reach a goal and make the most of someone.

HTML 100%
CSS 70%
JavaScript 75%
PHP 80%
Symfony 90%
Docker 75%
Management 90%
Organization 100%
CI 80%


Everything you need to know is on my Linkedin if not, please feel free ton contact me.


Currently I'm working 4/5 for a client but I can provide some services during my 1/5 time.

Team managment

Helping your team to be autonomous and well organized

Expert Development

Symfony 2/3/4/5/6


Take care of some very long CI, Heavy task on your server or other issues


I strongly believe review must be part of improving process, writing nice review will improve your team skills and your project quality